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After the site went down I missed reading  the stories of Asian sexfights and Asian catfights .  In July 2019  I managed to buy the expired domain and, from my previous contact with Aussie Greg, have started to upload both his old stories and unpublished stories he had sent to me for preliminary reading.  More stories will be uploaded as I improve my website building skills starting from what Greg sent me from the old site. Although not an author I will try to follow in his footsteps and write some new material under the name Aussie Greg's Legacy. 

Read the words from The Raven and the warning below then enter by choosing  your poison from the top menu.  Note: all characters are above the legal age of 18 years.

Have you ever tried to give up an addiction to Catfighting, my droogies? I've gone three months without watching bikini clad megababes grapple and fight for my viewing pleasure. I've tried to refrain from thinking, remembering, or fantasizing about it. I've even gone six days without masturbating. The brothers in my Sexaholics Anonymous group say this is the only way. But in my dreams, I recall the past, and often wake up to find my dick pointing at the cottage cheese ceiling. On those days, when I am lucky, I can just manage to jump into the cold shower and smother the flames of the Fever, temporarily. Oh, I have had my doubts about the Cat Scratch Fever. That lustful desire to see two women fight each other madly for the pleasure of men. Is it an addiction, as my S.A. sponsor, Bob A, claims? Or does the A in his name simply represent Asshole? If so, then there may be little that I can do, if indeed I was born with the Fever in my blood.

As the title suggests this content is not for persons under the age of 18.

This site contains legal photographic and text depictions of mature mude Asian women's sexual contact, sexfight stories, catfight stories, lesbianism, domination, humiliation and other adult themes.  All characters are 18 or older.

If you are offended by such images and descriptions, or if you are under 18, DO NOT ENTER

If you are NOT offended by nudity and sexual situations, and you are OVER 18, and wish to read stories of mature Asian women then ENTER by selecting your poison from the top.