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  • Kiitty Yong stories:   Direct from Singapore  Click here
  • Just looking:   An author from the freecatfight forums site   Click here
  • From the net:   Stories I have found   Click here

Kitty Yong

  1. Secret World of Madam Poh 1:   Catfighting in Singapore   Click here
  2. Secret World of Madam Poh 2:   A chance for redemption   Click here
  3. Secret World of Madam Poh 3:   Final fight   Click here
  4. Gamblers Wager:   A big money bet on the island of Bintan  Click here
  5. Having What it Takes:   Mixed sexfight   Click here
  6. Careful What You wish For part 1:   Mixed sexfight   Click here
  7. Wish List part 1:   Mixed sexfight buildup   Click here

Just Looking9000 

You can contact him up under the above member ID at freecatfightforums

  1. Battle for Azuma's Bed 1:  Two girls compete to get Azuma to cum   Click here
  2. Battle for Azuma's Bed 2:   The looser tries again   Click here
  3. Battle for Azuma's Bed 3:   The final contest   Click here
  4. Battle for Azuma's Bed 4:   An alternative ending   Click here
  5. Room mate Fight:   A Shanghai and Beijing girl fight for westerner Jason's cock   Click here
  6. Boss Fight Triangle 1:  A wife, secretary and ex  all fight for Boss Deng's cock   Click here
  7. Boss Fight Triangle 2:   The pecking order changes   Click here
  8. Boss Fight Triangle 3:   The contest continues   Click here
  9. Boss Fight Triangle 4:   All 3 at the same venue and the final fight starts Click here
  10. Boss Fight Triangle 5:   Conclusion with a 3 way catfight   Click here

From the Net

  1. vvvv
  2. cccc
  3. ccc
  4. ccc

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