Aussie Greg's Indian Stories

Indian sexfight


Mature Indian  Women seeking supremecy and dominance over other women.   Use the list below to click a series and choose your poison or just scroll down

  • The Black Hole of Kolkata:   My Accounting partner Anupama Chawla's love of sex, exhibitionism, sexfighting  and catfighting.   CLICK HERE

Black Hole of Kolkata

  1. Anapama Chawla:  Introducing Anapama Chawla   CLICK HERE
  2. First Catfight:    Anupama and the Filipina Flory Fe    CLICK HERE
  3. First Sexfight:   Anupama and the Vietnamese Tu Lan    CLICK HERE
  4. Sexfight Training:    Daily sexfight training including dog    CLICK HERE
  5. Sexfight Redemption Attempt:    Anupama sexfights Tu Lan again    CLICK HERE
  6. Pain Contest:    Anupama and the Japanese Konomi Takinishi in a pain contest and extreme catfight    CLICK HERE
  7. Exhibitionist Slut:    Anupama shows off     CLICK HERE
  8. Another Sexfight:    Anupama and the Vietnamese beauty queen Cuc    CLICK HERE
  9. Sexfight to the finish:    Anupama and My Thien sexfight until one can no longer continue    CLICK HERE